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Director Message

Director Message

MRs. Rashmi Rautela


It was with the intention of understanding education in its core and elemental form, that I joined the cynthia educational group as the director. But to truly understand it, I realised I had to become a student again. In this journey of learning I faced two pertinent questions, The first was where does our education system stand and second, how should it overcome the gaps which have become evident now? In this quest of learning from scratch, we were able to bring to fruition our idea of education in the form of Busy Bees school. This child centric school is not any random experiment that we concocted but it is the product of our years of understanding in education, backed by child centric research into psychology and education policies. This is the beginning of transformation in education to lay down a strong foundation for the future of our children.

The result of our years of learning is that today our school ensures the child’s holistic development. It reflects the inseparable nature of care and education by comprehensively addressing the need for care, nutrition, health, and well-being of young children and parent partnership along with supporting the development of all domains.

We offer our children deliberate time and attention. We believe that children must feel that they belong, they can trust, are free to try and explore, and therefore learn better. Please join us and be part of our new adventure, woven with happiness and care. We welcome you to explore the child-centric universe at cynthia educational group.